What is Life Reweart and what does it solve?

What is Life Reweart and what does it solve

What is Life Reweart and what does it solve?

Life Reweart is a European project that aims to achieve circular and sustainable footwear through an innovative and minimal impact production and marketing process. It was born as a solution to the global problem of the footwear and fashion industry in general, which has a high environmental and social impact due to its linear production system of produce-use-and-throw away*.

With this project we counteract the excesses of an industry linked to the extraction of raw materials to manufacture their products and that does not consider the recovery of waste produced both in the manufacturing process, packaging, and at the end of its useful life.

calzado circular y sostenible


In the search for a product that contributes to the optimization of resources, the reduction and reuse of waste as raw materials, Reweart promotes a new business model based on eco-design and local industrial symbiosis.

In this way, Reweart partners adopt the role of drivers in the transition to the circular economy, taking control in the choice of materials used in production and helping in turn to create value from waste and researching new recycling and reuse alternatives that help to close the circle of their products.

With these actions, in turn, they deliver value to the footwear sector, to their environment and to their entire network of collaborators, and indirectly contribute to raising awareness, protecting biodiversity and promoting more conscious consumption.

They act as an active part in the entire life cycle of their product, aligning their processes, activities and contribution towards real sustainability.

Knowing that real change must be driven by all actors in the value chain, they carefully select their suppliers under strict sustainability standards and invite them to adapt to new legislative and market requirements.


Reweart products are circular because, among other things, they do not mix their materials so that they are 100% recyclable. The raw materials used are mostly recycled and organic, ensuring a product free of animal suffering with the minimal environmental impact that also makes consumers think about what is behind the purchase of more sustainable footwear.

With this project we are contributing to the 2030 Agenda and 12 of its Sustainable Development Goals that ensure economic viability, environmental sustainability, and common benefit through social integrity, fair trade, and decent working conditions and safety and gender equality.

Sustainable Development Goals

Through simplification, minimalism and differentiation of two key elements for proper recycling, such as the sole and the upper, we imitate the functioning of nature itself, where there is no waste since everything has a function and is used.

In addition, through this project you will be able to customize your footwear with unused fabrics and garments to create a new product, staying true to our commitment to the circular economy and maximizing the use of our natural resources by guaranteeing the return.

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