Vesica Piscis creates the first vegan sandals made from 20 recycled corks from bottle tops


Vesica Piscis creates the first vegan sandals made from 20 recycled corks from bottle tops

In the frame of the european life reweart project one of the partners is developing its footwear with recycled cork, the cork comes from stoppers used for wine and sparkling wine bottles.

This recycled cork has been used for a new model of vegan sandals, whose pair of insoles has been manufactured with only 20 corks of this vegetable fabric. A gesture that avoids the emission of 2,240 grams of co2 into the atmosphere, each recycled cork avoids 112 grams of this gas.

Vesica Piscis footwear, partner of life reweart project is committed to this innovative idea, which arose thanks to the recycled cork project from the company socyr, which collects corks from restaurants, wine cellars and other places in order to recycle them and give them a new use.

In the development of this new concept of circular sandals, hifesa (hilaturas ferre), a manufacturer of recycled yarn and also a member of the life reweart project, has provided its 100% recycled product blended with natural jute, that enables the manufacture of a delicate and fancy braiding that gives colour to a collection of sandals developed only with recycled, recyclable and organic materials of vegetable origin. The prototype has been tested to assure the quality and resistance by incdtp research institute partner of the life reweart project.

One of the aims of life reweart project is to seeks innovation in the manufacturing process. the sandals have been designed and manufactured in the circular pilot plant of vesica piscis including materials and processes that meet its fundamental requirements developing recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and vegan footwear for a real circular economy.

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