Economía circular real

Expected results

REWEART project will demonstrate the concept of full recyclability of footwear and garments properly and re-using them as components for the creation of new articles, making use of an advanced 3D configurator and incorporating B2C elements which provide our initiative the look of something that can be global with local manufacturing if necessary. All materials used for project trials will be organic, chemicals free and animal free, so we want to achieve a product 100% ORGANIC, VEGANE and RECYCLED, achieving modest sales of 30.000pairs during the first year after project end.


The following innovative results will be obtained by the REWEART proposal:


– The creation of a service-oriented framework, which will be willing to produce “Eco-Design” based consumer shoes.
– N: 2. Title: Methods and processes for developing recyclable or reusable products (i.e. new design & assembling methods based on modularity and enabling easy disassembling)
– N: 2. Title: Recyclability evaluation methods considering resource consumption, waste generation and cost impact;
– N: 1. Title ICT tool to support advanced 3D configuration of products and embedded as B2B and B2C tools.
– N: 1. Title: Development of comprehensive, innovative and practical “Eco-Design” decision making applications to get better informed consumers.