Mustang SRL

About Mustang

The Mustang shoemaking company was founded in 1988 in Fucecchio by Mario Prosperi, a forward-thinking and motivated craftsman. Even now, the owner upholds the tradition of shoemaking with passion and professionalism, characteristics that have allowed the brand to become a sector leader in Tuscany. Renowned for a quality, ‘Made in Italy’ product.


The name chosen for the shoemaker takes inspiration from the famous Mustang horses, known for their simultaneous grace and speed, strength and independence, freedom and presence – just like the processes and products created by the company.


Mustang Srl combines tradition and innovation. Artisanal manufacturing techniques integrate with modern industrial technologies, always prepared for market developments with its concrete ‘know how’, similar to the craftsmen of the past. A virtuous system that was only possible with dedication and professionalism. We are history and experience at the service of the future. Because of this, our footwear designs are appreciated in Italy and overseas.


Mustang is a 100% Made in Italy company. The production is entirely carried out in Italy by a highly specialised workforce. Guaranteeing absolute quality from choosing hides, to the stitching and upper materials, right up to the finished product. Our footwear is designed for high levels of comfort, beauty and style. Italian design at the service of manual skill and processing techniques used in artisan tradition. Not only are they perfect for any occasion, our products stand out for their innovative style.



Where can we find them


Website: Mustang

Address: Via F. Bertoncini, 17, 50054 Fucecchio FI, Italia