The real name of this institution is ‘The national research and Development Institute for Textiles and leather-INCDTP. Division Leather and Footwear Research Institute’. ICPI (Coordinating Beneficiery Profile) since st1 september 2019).


Leather and Footwear Research Institute (ICPI) is the Division of the National Research and Development.
Institute for Textiles and Leather (INCDTP) established in Bucharest since 1951.
In Romania INCDTP-ICPI possesses unique expertise and R&D facilities in the field of leather processing, shoe manufacturing and allied fields.


What they do and how much experience do they have…?

  • Eco-innovative technologies & advanced materials for leather, rubber and footwear industries;
  • Recycling / valorisation of wastes in leather and footwear sectors for added value by-products generation;
  • Advanced biomaterials based on collagen with applications in medicine, pharmacy and cosmetics;
  • Medical footwear used in the conservative treatment of the lower limb pathomechanics;
  • Studies regarding environmental factors and degradation degree assessment, conservation and treatment
    procedures/materials for restoration of collagen based historical objects;
  • Studies and strategies for increasing Romanian leather and footwear sectorial competitiveness and RDI
  • Improving leather & footwear sector sustainability by integrated quality control and environmental impact
    monitoring towards eco-efficiency.


Where can we find them…?



Adress: Str. Patrascanu Lucretiu, 16, Bucuresti-Sector 3, Bucuresti, 030508, București, Rumanía