Life Reweart: Configurator

Life Reweart: Configurator

Can you imagine reusing textile waste to be turned into your new trainers?

The Life ReWeart project aims to create a circular and sustainable production model in the footwear sector.

To this end, it is always looking for new ways to reuse materials and garments that have already been manufactured in order to give them a second life.

The LIFE ReWeart project tool called “LIFE ReWeart configurator” will allow you to design your own personalised trainers.

“The Life ReWeart configurator will help us to boost the circular economy in the footwear industry… while allowing us to express our personality in a totally sustainable way”.

In other words, your old clothes will become part of a new pair of more sustainable and unique trainers.

And how can we create this?

This is achieved thanks to its digital application, which allows you to take a photo of your old garment and visualise in real time what the final design will look like.

With three simple steps you will have your new trainers at your disposal:

1- Enter the LIFE Reweart configurator.
2- Take a photo of your old garment, upload it to the configurator and visualize in real time how the final design will look like.
3-Make the combinations you want and when you have it ready place the order, in 2 or 3 days you will have your new shoes ready to be “re-used”.

The Reweart configurator tool allows you to customize each part of your new shoes, giving rise to different possible combinations.

configurador life reweart

The benefits of the ReWeart configurator

The Life ReWeart configurator is a tool that provides so many advantages to the end consumer, the footwear sector and to the planet in general.

With these new shoes you are not only acquiring a unique, more sustainable and personalised product but you are also helping the local and circular economy, as these shoes are made from recycled material and can be recycled once they reach the end of their useful life.

It is unique because each shoe has a completely different combination to the previous one, with a personal and non-transferable touch.

In turn, the footwear sector benefits in a number of ways.

One is to break the myth that sustainable products cannot have an attractive design. This is a barrier that prevents many consumers from taking the final step towards more sustainable consumption.

This could become a definitive factor in accelerating the shift to a new model within the sector, driven by consumers themselves.

And, of course, the planet will also benefit from the Life ReWeart configurator.

It will help reduce the waste generated by the industry, reduce the environmental impact of production by reducing the extraction of virgin materials and avoid producing new material.

Let’s take a closer look at the application and how to use it.

How to use the ReWeart configurator

Here’s how to use the Life ReWeart configurator to design your own personalised shoes from old garments.

Access the application and select one of the 2 models.

The chosen item will then be displayed on the configurator screen so that you can customise it.

Upload a photo of your garment

Just take a photo of your chosen garment and upload it to the app.


This will allow you to apply the design of your old garment to the new shoe. Best of all, you can decide whether you want to apply this new design to the whole item… or just a section of the item of your choice.

In this way the possibilities for customisation are endless, as well as giving you the opportunity to create several new items from a single garment.

You can also test your new creation online, so you know exactly if it looks the way you want it to… or if you need to go back to the configurator to make final adjustments.

It also allows you to share your design with friends or on social networks to know the opinion of others and thus define if you finally buy or not.
In the future we will include more models and utilities in the tool to improve the experience – your feedback is important to us! Let us know what you think of the new LIFE Reweart configurator at

And as Mahatma Gandhi said, “be the change you want to see in the world”

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