A circular model for both footwear manufacturing and commercialization

A circular model for both footwear manufacturing and commercialization

Life Reweart aims to promote the production of circular and sustainable footwear by applying innovative techniques to reduce its environmental impact and revaluing any waste generated during the manufacture and commercialization of footwear.

To achieve the goal of changing the current production model, Life Reweart proposes the revision and optimization of each step of the manufacturing and marketing process.

One of the biggest challenges we face is the recycling of all the footwear we produce, as more than 24 million pairs are produced annually and most of them end up in landfills or incinerated.


For this reason, the recovery and recovery of materials from footwear, once it is used, is one of the areas where we have the greatest opportunity to innovate and make a difference.

Not only do we significantly reduce our carbon footprint impact… but we also have the opportunity to change the way we consume for the better.

Here’s how Life Reweart applies reverse logistics to achieve this through the Pick-up Program.

It all starts with the application of circular design, as it allows us to create footwear that facilitates the recycling process.

At Life Reweart we believe that circular footwear should be easily separated into its different parts, depending on the material they are made of and applying eco-design principles and strategies.

In the case of life reweart, the textile can be easily separated from the sole (composed of TPU) as both materials will follow different paths in the process of reusing and recycling the footwear.

Making the wearer an active part

In addition, the process of separating the different parts of the footwear is done in a very simple way with the use of a pair of household scissors. This makes it easy for users to do it themselves and take an active part in the separation process.

In the following video you can see how to do the correct separation of footwear.

Getting the user involved in the recycling process is one of the most important aspects of the Pick-up Program.

To this end, it is important to provide information on the impact of more responsible consumption and also to offer multimedia content that helps the user to get involved in the process, such as the video tutorial that you will find here.

Incentives are also a factor to take into account.

Again, it is about making it easier for users to be part of the circular economy at every step of the process.

Let’s move on to the third and final step of the Pick-up Program.

The last step:

One of the fundamental premises of the Pick-up Program is to offer maximum convenience to the user to motivate them to recycle their old shoes.

That’s why sending the (already used) shoes for further recycling and recovery is easy and free of charge with some of the nearby partner shops all over Europe listed here.

If you want to recycle your old shoes, and also order new ones, our partners will collect your old shoes at the time of delivery of the new ones.

Another way to eliminate a link in the transport chain and reduce CO2 emissions. In these two simple ways it is possible to innovate the process of collecting and delivering packages.

If you want to be part of the circular economy and be an active agent of change, just contact our partners to arrange the collection of your shoes.


We conducted a pilot test in a partner shop in Belgium Marias Corner.

Marias Corner is a specialized shop with conscientious and responsible products. In addition to selling the models of life reweart partner Vesica Piscis and raising consumer awareness of the impact of their purchase, it is also part of the reverse process of collecting used clothing.

Marías Corner

First set of Vesica Piscis Life Reweart shoes reclaimed by Marias Corner Shop

Committed retailers often offer a discount on new items when a consumer has taken responsibility for closing the loop.

This is an example of the commitment of Life Reweart partners and their collaborating outlets to achieve the lowest possible impact and to encourage as many consumers as possible to generate zero waste in their consumed products.

Recycle your Vesica Pisces Campaign

As the transport of goods is also part of the carbon footprint, we not only offer strategic points throughout Europe for the recovery of shoes, but in countries where the transport companies allow it, we offer a reverse logistics process for subsequent purchases.

If you want to recycle your old shoes, and also order new ones, our partners will collect your old shoes at the time of delivery of the new ones.
In this simple way it is possible to innovate the process of collection and delivery of parcels.

It’s your turn

If you want to move towards a circular economy and be an active agent of change in the purchase of your next pair of shoes, Vesica Piscis, a member of the Life Reweart program, offers real alternatives.

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